Smart Base / Post / Building / Connected Communities Panel

NXTKey’s CEO is moderating a panel on Smart Base / Post / Connected Communities at the AFCEA TechNet Augusta 2023 Conference to be held Aug 13-17 at the Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center, Augusta, GA.

A Smart Base / Post / Building is an area / location that leverages technology, data, and connectivity to improve the quality of life for its personnel / residents, enhance sustainability, and provide a secure environment in which to operate. However, the increased use of technology and interconnectedness also poses significant cybersecurity risks. Smart Base / Post / Building cybersecurity must address a wide range of threats, including cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure such as power grids, transportation systems, water and sewage systems, and emergency response networks.  

Hackers could potentially cause widespread disruption, damage, or even loss of life. In addition, Smart Base / Post / Building residents’ personal and financial data, as well as sensitive information related to the Base / Post / Building’s operations, must be protected against data breaches, theft, or unauthorized access. Smart Base / Post / Building cybersecurity is a complex and ongoing challenge, requiring collaboration between governments, businesses, and residents. By taking a proactive and multi-layered approach, smart Base / Post / Building can reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and ensure the safety and security of their critical infrastructure, data, personnel and residents.   

AFCEA’s panel will outline challenges and solutions related to Smart Base / Post / Building.  This is a panel discussion centered around how we can help further cyber advancements for smart Base / Post / Building to make the future now. There will also be discussion on risk and privacy issues of smart Base / Post / Building implementations.    Attendees can expect to hear about advancements already in progress, initiatives for the future, and controversial risk and privacy issues resulting from these advances. 

Panel is pre-approved to support certification maintenance for certain CompTIA, GIAC, CertNexus certifications.