Privoro Mobile Security

Smartphone vulnerabilities continue to plague security professionals as threat actors turn to these devices as a vehicle to access sensitive organizational information. From the chip layer to firmware, operating system and apps, the entire ecosystem of these mobile devices is under constant attack.

Privoro introduces SafeCase. A case that puts organizations back in control by providing hardware-based protections that circumvent the vulnerabilities of off-the-shelf smartphones.




Protection from audio and video surveillance

• Audio Protection: The SafeCase utilizes patented, proprietary technology to ensure that a conversation’s content (the words spoken) and context (accents, tones, number of participants, etc.) are unidentifiable to even the most sensitive audio forensic equipment.

– High-security, TRNG-based audio jamming

– Adaptive audio masking

– Microphone specific jamming

• Camera/Video Protection: A physical barrier over each of the smartphone’s cameras prevents unwarranted third-parties from observing or recording any visual data in the device’s vicinity.


Cloud-integrated management tools

• User management: Portal provides administrative tools to manage new and existing users.

• Device management: Optional automated provisioning and status tracking.

• Policy Management: The Privoro Portal makes it easy to establish and enforce policies at the individual, group or organization level.

• Non-repudiation: SafeCase events are recorded in a non-repudiable audit log.

Secure Communications

• Dual-tunnel encryption: Secured using a NIST-compliant, third-party-reviewed cryptographic architecture.

• Use of NIST-approved algorithms at Commercial National Security Algorithms (CNSA) approved strengths to provide high-assurance against cryptographic attacks.

• Perfect Forward Secrecy: Unique keys for each communication session are generated from verified ephemeral keys to protect communications against future compromise of participant’s identity keys.


Extending SafeCase functionality and specialized services

Additionally, SafeCase’s processing, sensing and communication capabilities serve as building blocks for the development of additional features and services, both via the SafeCase itself or through detachable hardware backpacks. Privoro welcomes third-party inquiries who wish to build on the SafeCase platform.


Hardware root of trust

• A unique key pair is generated, bound and exclusively contained within a single, secure chip.

• Built and provisioned within a US-based, ITAR-compliant facility utilizing embedded supply-chain protections.

Trusted execution environment

• Secure boot

• Secure firmware

• Secure updates

• Code-signing

Tamper protection

• The SafeCase is physically sealed and tamper resistant.

• The SafeCase has a variety of protections against side-channel attacks.

Isolated components

• Closed-system architecture.

• The SafeCase’s processor is used exclusively for running authenticated firmware.

Motion sensors

A nine-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) – which includes a three-axis gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer.

Wireless data technologies

WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC – enable communication with local devices, including the paired smartphone.

• Permanent wireless disablement option available.

Digital signal processor

• For audio quality, voice masking and audio path control.

GPS module

• Enables location tracking for policy management purposes.