Professional Services

NXTKey Professional Services can reduce or eliminate the need to retain staff, delivering the comprehensive IT expertise in designing and building a high-quality, business-ready technology solutions. Engage us at the level required, with internal resources managing the project in accordance with overall enterprise goals. We’ll not only deliver the expertise needed; we’ll do so without allegiance to unnecessarily expensive COTS technologies / equipment vendors.

At NXTKey we have our in-house recruitment infrastructure gives us direct access to more than 10,000+ relevant resumes database and personnel across various disciplines in addition to access to all top recruitment portals. We have strategic tie-ups with Large Businesses, Staffing Firms and other entities such as Universities, Cyber Security Research Labs etc. to ensure that our customers have the right resources at the right time to fulfil their business needs.

NXTKey Professional Services delivers highly experienced and qualified professionals across a variety of domains which include:

Managed IT Services:

Specific sets of ongoing IT requirements / needs are the same for all businesses and companies irrespective of their niche or area of services. Managed IT services include managing, installing, maintaining IT applications, infrastructure and ongoing development, and even IT troubleshooting. Check out our MSP offering.

On-Demand IT:

As the business grows, so does its IT needs. We address our clients specific needs and requirements from consulting and advisory servicesto the development of web products, cloud applications and mobile products that we deliver though our global, dual shore operations.

IT Consulting:

Businesses sometimes need to have an IT consultant to assess the company, recommend improvements and develop IT-based solutions. Over the years we have provided strategic consulting services on solutions around ERP, CRM, EAM, GIS, SCADA, ECM,CIS, CYBER, WEB, CMS AND LMS platforms. Check out our consulting page.

Cyber Security:

Businesses have started to realize the significance of protecting their IT infrastructure, data and related resources. Cybersecurity has evolved to include complex areas like supply chain and quantum computing. NXTKey focuses on improving our client’s security posture and proposing solutions to avoid and mitigate threats to its infrastructure and business. Check out our cybersecurity page.

Database Management:

Data is one of the most important resources for any business, whether enterprise-scale or small. Database management is even more critical for businesses that take a data-driven approach and interact, collect, and deal with data regularly. Data science is one of the key focus areas along with AI, ML and RPA which is increasingly critical to maintain a competitive edge in business.

Cloud Computing:

Businesses are fast moving towards the cloud computing approach. It allows companies to host critical applications and store their data on a cloud platform, which is secure and makes the data more accessible. Solutions provided to our clients include IT modernization, cloud development, management and security. Check out our IT Modernization page.

Help Desk Services:

IT infrastructure and equipment needs to be set up, installed and maintained across a growing geographically disbursed workforce. The configuration and ongoing management of these devices is where the help desk IT services come in, ensuring that your IT investments keep running smoothly.

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