Cybersecurity Labs

Magnus has been delivering cybersecurity services to some of the largest US federal customers since 2005. Ever since then, Magnus has embarked on innovative processes and techniques to improve our service delivery to our clients. We began to pivot in 2020 under the leadership of Shivaji Sengupta to introduce more innovative solutions and as part of that invested time and effort to develop our ISO 56002 Innovation Management framework.

We are proud to say that using the ISO 56002 framework, Magnus has embarked on a structured process to innovate and bring to market innovative cybersecurity tools and techniques. Below are two initiatives that are currently being developed:

Multi Cloud Data Security

The first solution is a multi cloud data security solution that is patent pending. This product uses a cryptographic primitive called proxy re-encryption (PRE) to achieve end-to-end confidentiality while sharing the contents for collaborative development. The goal of this solution is to securely share files and contents for existing cloud storage system by using a key-server to facilitate sharing of encrypted contents in a seamless way between two entities. Typically, the cloud storage provider and the key-server are both third-party entities and hence the user does not trust both the entities. We use a specially designed PRE scheme for this purpose, which plays a pivotal role in the key-server offering end-to-end security for encrypted contents that are stored in a cloud and shared among different entities in such a way that the cloud storage provider and the key-server are not able to decrypt the content even if they collude.

This innovative solution has awarded a patent with patent number 11451523 issue date 09/20/2022.

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Cyber Mapping

The second solution is being developed is an open-source intelligence (OSINT) and publicly available information (PAI) mapping of cyber attack techniques mapping and risk management to support our small to medium enterprises and agencies develop a stronger security posture. This solution is under development and is being beta tested in our labs.

To have a discussion on either of these solutions feel free to contact us.