While most companies today have the word innovation in your tag line or mission statement, NXTKey believes in plugging in innovation driven processes and procedures into every aspect of our services. With that NXTKey is very proud to be among the few companies in the world to voluntarily adopt the ISO 56002 standard for innovation management.

ISO 56002 covers all aspects of innovation management: from the inception of an idea to its implementation on a global scale. Adopting this standard will help NXTKey consolidate our governance, increase the effectiveness of innovation, create the conditions for a widespread innovation culture and foster the emergence of new value propositions.

We want to provide our customers and stakeholders with further confirmation of our long-standing commitment to innovation in a structured way and develop innovative and sustainable solutions and enhance the value they generate” – Shivaji Sengupta – CEO

NXTKey drives innovation through its Cybersecurity Labs program.

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