Corporate Intranet Portal

Our employees and contractors are our biggest assets and we have an intranet portal that helps us serve their needs for not only understanding our policies and procedures but also keeping up with latest news, information and best practices on the different practice areas that we have at NXTKey.

Log into our intranet portal to get the latest info on:

  • Company polices and procedures
  • Practice Area information and best practices
  • Project level information


Corporate eMail Webmail

Log in to send and receive e-mails: https://mail.ionos.com/ or http://mail.nxtkey.com/. You can also open the e-mails with other e-mail programs. For further information, please refer to https://www.ionos.com/help/set-up-email. Email migration made easy! Simply use our free migration service and move emails, contacts, and calendars from your current mailbox to IONOS quickly and securely. https://emailmigration.ionos.com/

Contact support@nxtkey.com if you have any challenges accessing the email or need provisioning within the portal.