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Digital Dominance – Using Data as a Tactical Advantage

Digital dominance is all about using data as a tactical advantage in this new world of cyber actions and defense. Data, its management, analysis and reporting are the key towards maintaining the tactical edge in any organizational posture. Irrespective if the application is civilian or military in nature, digital dominance is at the core of a successful enterprise, homeland security and military force projection. In the case of homeland security and military the digital dominance can serve as a significant force multiplier in both defense and offensive measures.

Data is being generated at an incredible pace from within and outside our firewalls and is building up in our large and sometimes unwieldy data lakes. Data is being generated in vast amounts through the proliferation of computing devices across our networks, “edge sensors” like unmanned aerial vehicles, IOT sensors, mobile device and other smart devices. As our edge sensors propagate more on the field, the data collected should not only be used for tactical decisions but also harvested for long term comparison and intelligence analysis. Another source of data is the internet where actors use this global network for everything from communication to staging nefarious cyber actions. This source of cyber data not only needs to be captured but also sorted and analyzed with advanced automation to ensure we can take near real time actions to detect and mitigate any vulnerabilities. Despite the large advances we have made in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), a large amount of our data continues to be unleveraged because they are not identified, tagged or prioritized.

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