Trade Leads

Procurement Opportunities for U.S. Companies

NXTKey Corporation’s Global Programs provides financial and technical assistance through cost-share agreements with the U.S. Government Entities and Development Banks to provide Grants in emerging markets. Under these Grant Agreements, U.S. Companies can create U.S. jobs through the export of U.S. goods and services for priority infrastructure projects for sustainable development projects.

While executing these projects, NXTKey Corporation determines the design specifications with technology options and scopes U.S. innovation and Strategies to build a partner/supplier eco-system that can foster mutual growth provisioning for socio-economic development which can enhance quality of living in host or target countries.

U.S. Companies interested in participating and are invited to register and download country specific Outreach Programs to explore collaboration opportunities.


Project Overview:

Under a cost-share agreement with The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (“USTDA”), we are providing a technical assistance and conducting a feasibility study for ipNX Nigeria Limited (“ipNX”) for their FFTX network expansion program through a U.S. Government Grant Agreement.

The agreement includes a review of their current operations; market assessment of their expansion program; FTTX architecture and OSP design study; OSS/BSS systems and processes; business case and financial analysis; implementation financing plan; impact analysis (environmental, developmental, legal and regulatory); implementation plan; and identifying potential OEMs as source of supply.

More information on this trade lead can be found here.