Employee Page

Dear Team Member,

As a small business, it is challenging to have enterprise-wide applications to take care of all our administrative needs. Due to this, we have a wide range of industry best practice platforms to cater to our various needs.

If you need help navigating any of these platforms or need access please drop us a note on support@nxtkey.com

For HR related questions, please email us on hr@nxtkey.com

Employee Resources:

NXTKey and its subsidiaries use ADP TotalSource (www.mytotalsource.com)

for its Payroll and Benefits Administration Please log into ADP to review your information. To reach ADP customer service call 1-844-227-5237

If you need help with various items, please call our primary contacts in ADP. Our Paygroup is “AM-“.

For Benefits:                                         1-855-500-9588 ext. 2

For Payroll:                                           1-800-554-1802

Time and Attendance:

We use ADP’s ezLaborManager for timekeeping.

ezLaborManager set up for W2 employees:

Read the document : ezlabor manager for W2 employees This process will require a “pass code” to be provided by the company administrator. This pass code should have been emailed to you during your onboarding or you can request the same by emailing the HR team at NXTKey.

ezLaborManager set up for Contractors / 1099 employees:

Go to https://online.adp.com/netsecure/login.html and click on Need an account? “SIGN UP” button.  This will take you to the next page where you will be asked for a “Registration code”. This code should have been emailed to you during your onboarding or you can request the same by emailing the HR team at NXTKey.

Below are some Quick Reference Cards (QRCs) that provide brief outlines of key procedures.

For Timekeeping Support Contact:

ezLaborManager Service Support.    1-855-535-1283 (8:30 AM – 8:00 PM EST)

The ADP Support page for employees is : https://www.adp.com/contact-us/support-for-employees.aspx

Productivity Tools:

NXTKey and its subsidiary employees use the corporate email solution. Employees can log into their email through webmail.

Our hosting provider has a support page to help configure our email on your devices.

If you need help with resetting passwords etc contact support@nxtkey.com

NXTKey uses a Applicant Tracking System for its job postings and recruitment needs.

All employees and contractors will get a referral bonus for bringing in a future NXTKey’er per company policy.  Check out the positions available on the site.

Business Apparel

NXTKey has partnered with Lands’ End to provide high-quality apparel and their legendary customer service.

Customer dress code needs to be followed for all team members working at customer premises.