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Journey to the Cloud for greater savings, productivity and security


When the IT planning discussion turns to Cloud, many enterprises face two key decisions: Which applications should move to the Cloud and which online solutions align best with business objectives? And for the business manager, these decisions also raise the question of post-transition planning. What comes after Cloud migration and will today’s Cloud decisions enable adoption of new technologies tomorrow? NXTKey can help you answer these questions and evaluate Cloud options.


Consult with NXTKey to create a Cloud migration strategy


Business leaders understand the need to conduct thorough cost-benefit analyses when determining which applications are “Cloudable” and which ones belong onsite or in a private Cloud. NXTKey’s Cloud consultants will conduct a detailed review of your current applications and compliance requirements and generate detailed, measured recommendations for Cloud adoption, including an optimal timeframe designed to be cost-effective.


We help simplify your transition


The cloud opens up a lot of possibilities for streamlining operations, reducing cost, and increasing the availability of your IT systems. If you have already selected the systems, servers and applications that you intend to migrate, NXTKey can provide you the technical services you need to make your migration a success.


If you still have questions about the cloud, or are not quite sure which systems or applications would be best suited for the cloud, we will help walk you through the process from initial analysis, design, final execution, to ongoing support.


Is this for you?


If you’re considering moving to the cloud it is. We’ve helped customers from all kinds of industries make their cloud initiatives a reality while minimizing the operational disruptions typical of moving systems.



Our Cloud Services


Implementation Services – NXTKey Consulting Services provides the resources and know-how to steer your organization through all the phases of your implementation, including strategizing the project, implementing the solutions, and managing the successful progress of the project. Learn more about NXTKey Implementation Services


Migration Services – NXTKey provides the resources and know-how to help you upgrade and make full use of the latest innovations in the industry, including exploring and qualifying the appropriate technologies conducting the initial pilot project, delivering on the upgrade and conducting end-user and administrator training to ensure that your organization is fully geared to use our solutions. Learn more about NXTKey Migration Services


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services – Let us help your organization drive operational excellence throughout the  lifecycle. Leave the technical back end and project management to us so you can concentrate on your business.





We help customers build, migrate and manage applications on these platforms:

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