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Big Data


Enterprises are critically dependent on their digital communication and collaboration platforms that are expanding by the hour. There is an emerging opportunity for every enterprise to take advantage of Big Data to not only provide better intelligence to run and expand their business but also serve their customers like never before.


While Big Data is very promising, it poses a significant challenge. In addition to its increasing scale, Big Data is highly varied. Upwards of 90+% of Big Data is unstructured—flowing outside standard file structures, tables or formats that would make it manageable. Most significantly, Big Data is characterized by high velocity, as streaming data can require milliseconds to respond.


NxtKey’s Services can help you reshape your IT infrastructure to manage these increasing volumes of data (from e-mails, social media, and website downloads) and convert them into information enterprises can use to change their business outcomes. Our Big Data solutions encompass strategy, design, implementation, protection and compliance.


We deliver these solutions in two steps:


Big Data Architecture Strategy: NxtKey will work with your teams to define the functionalities and capabilities needed to align your IT with your Big Data initiatives. Through roadmap services, NxtKey will provide architecture strategy around capturing, consolidating, managing and protecting business-aligned information, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.


Big Data System Infrastructure: NxtKey experts will design and implement a high-performance, integrated platform to support a strategic architecture for Big Data. Choose form design and implementation services, reference architecture implementations and integration services. Your flexible, scalable infrastructure will support Big Data variety, consolidation, analysis, share and search on vendor agnostic platforms.

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